Facility Management Trainer for our Field Staff Roster


The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) recruits committed and skilled experts for our humanitarian, resilience and peace support operations worldwide on a daily basis. We have great experience with working together and strengthening other organisations for example the UN and the EU in crisis, conflicts or other disasters.

The MSB is opening our roster for a Facility Management Trainer interested in working with us on Humanitarian Camp missions. When registered on the MSB roster you will continuously receive interesting international job opportunities and invitations to stimulating and valuable trainings and exercises. Prior to a mission with us you need to conduct the MSB induction training which includes a Security course.

A registration on our roster is initialy for three years. After this period, your registration will be evaluated and you may be offered an extended registration.
Deployed as a Facility Management Trainer, the mission lenght is normally 2 - 3 months with a few weeks preparation prior to the mission. The MSB highly values the well-being of our staff and whilst on mission you will have access to health and safety support from the MSB 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The MSB strives to apply gender equality in terms of recruitment to our roster.

This profile is most often used in the final stages of our Office and Accommodations package projects. This is to ensure a smooth hand-over to our standby partners of the camp, once we finish our construction. This is also to ensure that the camp is used in an efficient and sustainable manner so that it will last as long as possible to benefit the end users.

Introduction swedish

Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap (MSB) arbetar dagligen med att stödja andra aktörer genom olika insatser runt om i världen och även i Sverige. Vi har stor erfarenhet av att samarbeta och stärka andra organisationer som exempelvis FN och EU i katastrof- och konfliktsituationer.

MSB öppnar nu resursbasen för Facility Management Trainers som är intresserade av att delta i internationella humanitära insatser. En registrering i resursbasen löper initialt över tre år och som registrerad erbjuds du under denna period delta i förberedande utbildning samt förväntas vara tillgänglig för insatser. Som Facility Management Trainer är det vanligt att insatserna varar i ca 2-3 månader.
Vi värderar vår insatspersonals välbefinnande högt och du kommer att ha tillgång till stödfunktioner inom hälsa och säkerhet från MSB dygnet runt när du är på insats.

MSB strävar efter en jämn könsbalans bland profilerna i vår resursbas.

Den här profilen används för det mesta i slutskedet av våra camp byggen där vi har gjort ett kontors och boende paket åt mottagande organisation. Den här profilen ska hjälpa till att göra en bra överlämning till våra standby partners av campen när vi har färdigställt byggnationerna. På det här sättet försäkrar vi oss om att byggnationerna inom campen används på ett effektivt och hållbart sätt så att de håller så länge som möjligt och därför ger mest effekt i samhället som vi ska stödja.


As a Facility Management Trainer you are expected to perform:

• Develop and produce content for a Facility Handbook.

• Establish and ensure that the compound administrative procedures and standards are available and adhered to.

• Assist our partners in the hiring and training of: guards, cooks, drivers and casual labourers as needed to ensure proper service delivery.

• Establish the implementation of the on-line booking system for accommodations.

• Report on progress and planning of activities to relevant managers in each partner organisation, MSB Coordination on location and to MSB Project Management in Sweden.

* Assist relevant staff at our partner organisation in the planning of timely reporting regarding: Office/Accommodations invoices, payments and regular reconciliation of accounts, facility related expenditure (premises, assets, travel, etc.), etimate new requirements and prepare budget plans for maintenance work, maintain records of all facility management related incomes and expenditures.

* Negotiate contracts with vendors and service providers to ensure cost effective, qualitative and timely services.

* Supervise and ensure that ordinary and extraorindary maintenance is implemented in a timely fashion.

* Monitoring and evaluation of contracted work ensuring that the contractor's performance is in accordance with prescribed requirements and deliverables.

* Use of key performance indicators and management techniques to monitor and demonstrate achievement of agreed service levels and to lead improvement initiatives.

* Ensure there is a proper feedback mechanism and take swift actions on complaints and recommend improvements.

* Maintain record of all incidents and note all corrective actions taken.

* Participate in Guesthouse committee meetings (when in place).

* Ensure the establishment and maintenance of the compound infrastructure (Office and accommotation facilities, water distribution systems, kitchen and storage areas, sanitation facilities, power supply and distribution, etc. ).

* Conduct inspections on a regular basis to ensure quality standards are met, proper supplies and services are available, and furniture and equipment are in good working order.

* Oversee the maintenance of equipment and coordinate with relevant units in the Country Office.

* Provide inputs for the maintenance and upgrade plans to the Administration Officer/Person in charge of Administration.

* Work closely with the IT focal point as it concerns maintenance schedule for the generators and lightings.

* Ensure regular supply, treatment and maintenance of water and sanitation related equipment; ensure septic tank is emptied regularly.

* Perform regular checks on emergency food in bunkers, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, ETBs, etc.

* Ensure proper waste disposal options.

* Ensure that visitors are informed of the compound safety and security arrangements.

* In coordination with security officers or UNDSS, regularly review the security situation of the compound, evacuation plans and other security related issues.

* Establish and manage a compound incident and accident reporting system.


A minimum of 1-3 years’ experience within relevant area of expertise such as property management, hotel management, administration etc.

Training college or institute in relevant field. A relevant combination of academic qualifications and experience may be accepted in lieu of a formal education.
Fluency in English is essential, both spoken and written. Knowledge of Swedish is an asset and knowledge of French, Arabic, Russian or any other official UN language is an asset.

Other requirements
If you become registered on MSB's Field Staff Roster you will have to take our Induction course and Security course in order to be eligible to go on a mission. MSB also expects you to have a certain availability for missions within your 3 year registration period.

We are looking for persons with a strong commitment towards humanitarian relief and disaster operations. It is of utmost priority that you understand, respect and act in the spirit of the mandate and core values of the MSB.

Before a registration on MSB's roster, you need to fill in a self-assessed health declaration. If recruited for an international mission you will also need to undergo an Health Examination before deployment.

You must inform your regular employer of your potential assignment with the MSB.


• You must be able to interact with sensitivity and display respect for diversity and gender in multi-cultural environments.

• A capacity for working under pressure is essential, as work is often performed under difficult and demanding conditions, where the focus frequently shifts due to changes in priority.

• You must possess a high level of professional and personal maturity together with an ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, managers and external partners, such as UN organizations, NGOs, recipient governments and host populations.

•You are expected to have excellent analytical and communicative skills, show initiative and take both a hands-on and an analytical approach to tasks and problems.

Contractual conditions

The MSB applies a policy of equal opportunities to avoid any form of discrimination. We strive for gender balance and qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.

The MSB roster contains a variety of professions and competences. A registration on our roster is initialy for three years. It is your responibility that your information on Mypages always is up to date during this period. After this period your registration will be evaluated and you may be offered an extended registration. It is mandatory to participate in MSB's Induction course for Field Staff before being deployed. The course is for 1 week and MSB are hosting the course a couple of times a year. You will receive a small salary during the course. .

Working with the MSB on international operations means that you are temporary employees of the MSB. The MSB pays salaries and other benefit packages depending on the mission, including free return travel and access to health and safety support functions from the MSB 24/7 during your mission.

How to apply:
If you wish to apply to the MSB roster you first need to create an account on MyPages. Please note; the information that you provide on MyPages will form the basis for your CV. When you have created you account and registered your CV-details on MyPages you submit your application by clicking on the "Apply" button in the add, and the follow the specified steps. If you already have an account on Mypages you can go directly to Apply-button. If you have any trouble with MyPages, please contact our mypagess support; mypages@msb.se

It is your responsibility as an applicant to document your skills in a way that allows an objective and qualitative assessment. As a government agency we are subject to the principle of public access to official records. This means that if someone requests copies of application documents, we are obliged to disclose them.

Please note that your application needs to be in English.

The MSB will process the applications on an ongoing basis during the application period, which means that we wish you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Welcome with your application!

Application deadline

Point of contact

Monica Eliasson